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Visual Content Marketing Specialisits

What is your main issue?

Photographs don’t look good on your website?

Don’t know where to start?

Need to add the visual strategy to your marketing plan?

Need ideas on what to have images of?

Have no time to find what you need?

Re-sizing images is driving you nuts.


No time  |  Technical frustrations  |  Creatively blank  |  Strict budget  |  Website frustrations


You are unique.

So our service is flexible.


“Susi knows her stuff.  Not only does she know her stuff, she is able to untangle and clarify complex concepts … she is also great fun..”

I have had a decade of experience directly consulting with businesses of all kinds on their visual content.  I understand what it takes to pick a story and a brand and represent that visually. If you need your visuals re-sizing or optimising, I will help you with that too.  Many a time I have stepped in and sorted out issues relating to sizing of images for a new website for example – automated absolutely does not naturally mean good, (ie the wonderful auto-resizes for images that cut off people’s heads!).

From sorting out problems to starting with a requirement to have lots of bespoke visual content for a company’s marketing to discussing what would be a great picture to go with a press story – all of that and everything in between is what I will help you with.

Please do just ask and we can go from there.