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About Susi

Visual Content Marketing Specialisits

About Susi


She’s lovely. Have a tea with Susi and in the space of an hour she’ll help you see what you really need from your visuals. She also has an Advanced Project Management setting in her creative brain which means she’ll sort it all out for you from start to finish: the stealth photographer to capture the most important bits; the editing and clever cropping; the strategy, so your photos are seen in the places that matter, by the people your business needs.

Miranda Birch



Value in Visuals has been born from a growing realisation how much our clients request and benefit from specialist advice around visual content.  I set it up formally in February 2019, having taken time to unpick what it is that people need the most from my expertise.

I started Vervate in 2011.  Originally founded as Brighton Togs (Togs is the media industry term for a photographer), the company has grown steadily over the years and was rebranded to Vervate in June 2015.

I am a trained teacher, have travelled extensively, and previous roles include Conference Manager at a Hotel, Assistant Record Shop Manager (when tapes were still around, ahem..!) and Children’s Services Manager.  You can see my career path on LinkedIn.

The range of experiences I have had are all so beneficial in running Vervate and Value in Visuals.  I have tendered for photographers and designers myself, as well as run campaigns, project managed and developed websites, so I understand the issues. 

I am very much a people person and have grown a wonderful network of contacts through the business.  I am also creative away from the company, sell oil paintings and am growing a popular Instagram account for Vervate with my mobile.


This video testimonial was produced for work specifically done with Vervate, but Sarah mentions what I individually brought to the table in our partnership working: